10 Sept 2009


Do you know how to catch cheaters? Have little random tests. Surprise inspections as it were.

Today, I went to drop Punks to school, then when I was coming back, I was sitting upstairs in a ‘double-decked’ bus.

At one stop, there was a delay as 3 inspectors from the bus company came aboard and started checking on tickets.

They found 5 persons upstairs without valid tickets, persons who take advantage of the morning rush hour to push past other persons and enter without paying, or just flashing an expired ‘day saver’ ticket.

Of the 5 found upstairs (I can’t speak for the downstairs), 2 were middle Eastern and 3 were black. All were very young adults, not school children.

The other people on the bus were very busy not paying attention, not getting too curious, perhaps for fear of embarrassing the culprits. I wondered at the British way of not getting involved (yes, yes Captain, is ‘culture’).

It spectacularly reminded me of Captain’s postulate on ‘herd’ instinct and how similar the sheep, I mean the people, here are to the oh-so-shafted Trinis.