18 Sept 2009

That Dratted... I mean, Draft Constitution again

I am sure quite a few folks are taken aback at what was revealed in Justice Archie's speech a few days ago. I am not.

For some time, I have been reading the newspapers, seeing published opinions of single voices like Martin Daly's, among others, explaining various bits of the dratted... draft constitution. I've even read it. From day one, the purpose of the constitution has always been suspect, more so since the instigator had initially hidden it... denying all knowledge of it... it was only accidentally revealed in Parliament by Kamla Persad-Bissessar - and even then, the culprit - ahem, Christian - denied even knowing about it so vociferously that even his minions were fooled, only to later turn up and admit it. Incidentally, also revealing his close minions to be the fools they seek to hide.

I even predicted that the draft constitution will make its way into the mainstream and be adopted, shortly after the elections in 2007. Gads, I scare me by how far into the future I see.

In the ensuing 2 years, things have moved so far apace - without any protests except for singular voices like my own - that the Chief Justice felt sufficiently moved - or threatened - that he has left the hallowed grounds of judicial traditions to comment upon this. More specifically, upon the impact it will have upon us as a people. The learned opinion is that it will move us back hundreds of years, (the erosion of rights as I have pointed out time after time after time), to the detriment of us all.

Now, I have a theory why it is that this is happening so easily: The masses are so strangled, so like a herd of cows busy foraging for the last grasses upon a blighted plain, their heads close to the ground sniffing for scent of water and food, that they aren't looking up to see the lions circling. Nor the vultures (or corbeaux as we call them).

Yes, while they fight for survival, the leaders and thinkers, the educated, migrate in droves (28% given by CSO may be too low to be believable by this writer). there is no one left to harness the masses, to guide and shepherd them into enlightenment. And the lions feed merrily upon their ignorance.

Mark my words though, worse is yet to come. I only hope it does not take another insurrection to stop Pa-trick and his grandiose plans, though from the look of things, it may come to that. For those who think I am only spreading doom and gloom, I suggest you go through the history of this blog, and see how well documented my 'predictions' were, and how uncannily they have come to pass.