13 Sept 2009

Waterless urinal

I couldn’t help thinking about expenditure on water supply and conservation after reading Basdeo Panday’s response to the Donkey Rock budget.

I couldn’t help thinking about taxpayers’ money being flushed down the toilet on water expenditure – in a land where there is torrential rain and floods every year – and where there are desalination plants like nobody’s business.

Well, in England they don’t have the kind of water like on Donkey Rock – and I’m not saying that water conservation is ‘skippy-dee-doo-dah’ good over here. But at least these people – the English – are trying hard to conserve water. Evidence of this at least must be the waterfree chemical free urinal (in photo below) – taken from a poster in a toilet at a Government building – where The Captain had piddle a few weeks ago.

This is in a land – England - where water almost never fails to flow through the taps – and on the odd occasion when it does people are given notice.

And while the UK is very careful about the environment, I don’t get the same sense of importance given to it by the Rulers of Donkey Rock. Do the words ‘Alutrint’ or ‘Smelter’ mean anyt’ing to allyuh?