17 Sept 2009

What price justice?

It is known, from observations in the courts, and the shenanigans of the judiciary, that justice comes at a high price, not necessarily financially. Many a time we have seen culprits walk because of some demented opinion by a magistrate or judge... case in point, the Brad Boyce trial.

It is now apparent that we, the public, are to pay an even heavier price, this time financially.

The Judiciary requested some 349 million dollars for the running of the entire court system... the Manning government granted a whopping $42.5 M. Some 306 millions less!

I can imagine the horror now as simple things like court transcripts await budget allocations for paper to print them on, or to pay salaries of those who work within the system.

According to Chief Justice Archie, while some $349 million was requested, only $42.5 million was received and this would affect how the judiciary runs its affairs for the new session. This disclosure caused those in attendance to gasp with many shaking their heads in amazement.
Now hold on... that's not the only amazing thing to happen. Don't rush meh!

Speaking to reporters following Justice Archie's address, Attorney General John Jeremie, who viewed the entire proceedings, said: "It is a difficult year, there have been cuts in budgets. The Prime Minister's Office has been cut by 50 per cent. I am not sure what aspect of the budget was reduced and as a result some projects have been phased and this applies to all ministries."
  • Amazing statement, especially since some $2 BILLION!!! were found to pay for 4 helicopters that are not needed.
  • Amazing statement, especially since some $700 MILLIONS!!! have been spent on a 'stadium' as yet half uncompleted and no end in sight, and no final cost determined... money flung as it were, down a fast running drain.
  • Amazing statement, considering that some $400 MILLIONS have been found to pay for 4 ferries to run from San Fernando to Port of Spain as water taxis.
  • Amazing statement, especially since $11 MILLIONS have been found to pay for repair and refurbishment to the Prime Minister's residence that only last year cost $148 M.
Me, I am a mere observer... but I can't help thinking 'what price justice?'