22 Oct 2009

Bend over tack back

While I was in London, Sherman McNicolls was freed of a traffic charge. So was his driver. The magistrate, perhaps knowing that no one would check too closely, did a bend-over-and-lick-her-behind kind of move. A bend over tack back.

Why am I saying that?

Well, she dismissed the charges because the driver of the vehicle, one duncey Simon, has an insurance policy that allows him to driver another vehicle. That is normal for drivers over 25 in Trinidad anyway.

The question before the law was whether Shermie had insurance for HIS OWN vehicle which the magistrate acknowledges he did not.

In making her ruling the magistrate noted that, according to her research, there was no such thing as an automatic renewal of an insurance policy…Cardenas-Ragoonanan added that on the date of the accident there was no valid certificate of insurance.

Now, as every learner driver in Trinidad is taught when applying for a license, you must have a valid driver’s permit and valid insurance on the vehicle before taking it on the road.

So, Shermie having no insurance on the vehicle clearly means that vehicle is not supposed to be on the road, neither ought duncey Simon drive it.

But if duncey Simon had a certificate of insurance (most likely for his own vehicle), does that permit him to driver another uninsured vehicle? Obviously not.

If I have insurance for my own vehicle, and take a friend’s or relative’s uninsured car out for a spin, then the same bend over and lick magistrates would pelt my arse in jail so farse, I won’t have time to protest.

But then, we talking about Monkey Island here… what you expect…?

Still, I am glad of this ruling. I now hope to see more uninsured vehicles on the road.