23 Oct 2009

The big day and after

My music list for writing my blog this morning is: Ben E King’s Ultimate Collection.

On Tuesday, I woke up early to get to the Privy Council on time. Maybe I got up too early… I reached London, Westminster, before 9 AM.

Finding the Privy Council (actually the Supreme Court) building was no problem. There were so many helpful police officers about. No ignorant dunceys here.

Security checks were quick, efficient,and the helpful security personnel even allowed me to take my photos, though not of the inside of the courtrooms. Anywhere else is permitted.


According to that plaque above, the UK is moving towards an ‘explicit separation between the highest levels of the judiciary and Parliament.’

While Trinidad and Tobago under the guise of Constitutional Reform Pa-trick and JJ wish to merge the Judiciary and Executive will. I need not point out that the British legal system is perhaps the most mature in the world.

At the hearing, I heard the Supreme Court judges have the lawyers on both sides stuttering. I personally thought some of the questions they asked were commonsense, but the lawyers seemed ill prepared to answer and fumbled for answers – something I consider an unpardonable sin at this level.

I met several of the Trinidad and Tobago lawyers, as well as several law students. Even the Captain’s family was there. (^_^)

After the hearing, a little casual talk and then back to the 2 S’s for the night.

Next morning, I hopped the train to London and then back to Birmingham.