9 Oct 2009

Check put on strip searching…

Well it seems dat dunceys across dee land have finally had their knuckles slapped for strip-searches. One could not help but wonder how many a duncey derived some perverse pleasure from these strip events.

Wha a talkin’ bout: read dis – Newsday 2009-10-09 – Cops must say sorry.


Basically the dunceys must now say sorry!! Like how one muz wonder: ‘Ahm ah sorry ah expose yuh private parts –eh.. no hard feelings.. i’s a mistake eh. We was only following what we woz told to do. We eh go do dat again –eh .’ –  And you could imagine the type.. teeth-sucking wid matchstick in mouth, in a doh-kyar-dam presentation.

Well nuthin’ should surprise we really. I’s a long story of dunceys eh knowin’ WTF dey doing in certain key areas. Who responsible? Nah – ah sure is not me. I’s allyuh leader(s) in government. No? Ah keep barkin’ dat the police is an emanation of the State – but ah could as well be pissin’ in dee wind. Nobody eh seem to understan' dem big wo’d (aka word). [Incidentally – ah had meh socks pulled up recently for using big words like ‘particular disparity’ – holy shit! Yup big wo’ds for small minds – daize dee way ah lookin ‘pon it.]