29 Oct 2009

Death – laugh or cry?

This story, one detailing the abduction and rescue of one Imran Mohammed-Khan, is remarkable in a number of ways. I just want to comment on 3 things I noticed.

  1. As in other shootouts, there are no police injuries. In a fast and furious gunfight, 3 men are shot to death, men who are ‘shooting back’ at the police. Makes me wonder what’s the real score.
  2. Looking at 142 comments on the Express website (up to the time I am typing this), ALL – with the exception of 2 – are congratulating the police for killing the 3 men.
  3. Of the 2 comments I mentioned above, 1 is sorry the 4th man got away, and the other expressed concern that the victim had ALL his details published, including name, address, etc. Now, look out for a second kidnap/murder attempt!

Now, any politician reading this story will puff out his chest and say that a big blow was dealt to crime… the ‘feel good’ factor.

What the dotish politicians will miss entirely, is that the people are so fed up of crime that the deaths of three men are being celebrated and feted. Right now, I don’t know if we should laugh or cry at what is happening in the country.