21 Oct 2009

Enter… the Privy Council

On Monday I went to London. A friend invited me to see a case being presented at the Privy Council. The case was actually heard on Tuesday but I went on Monday to get a head start… lmao.

Actually, leaving Birmingham to go to London and returning on the same day is a bit of a nightmare when you consider that, with traffic, the trip might be 4 hours one way. It was easier to go earlier, mooch a bed from friends and then attend the Privy Council, then overnight again, and return to Birmingham on the 3rd day.


For those who only hear about the Privy Council, and know it is the final court of Trinidad and Tobago, this Jumbie went and got a couple of nice photos to show you where exactly the building is (and what it looks like!).


This building also houses the British Supreme Court, which replaced the House of Lords from 1 October 2009. There are 12 Supreme Court Judges who are also the same judges who hear cases of the Privy Council.

By the way, the building is just across from the famous Big Ben clock tower of the British Parliament.

Big Ben

I even got a lagniappe of Westminster Abbey.


More to come… the people I met.