22 Oct 2009

Evening of the day before

The people I met in London were as wide a variety as can be imagined.

First off, I stayed with two friends who were initially from Pakistan, but whose parents moved to Dubai when they were still children. Having been friends since childhood, it was natural that they both share an apartment in England, since they both attend the same university (coincidentally studying the same thing).

Getting to them was a bit difficult as I’d never been to their part of the country before. First I dropped off the bus at the Victoria Coach Station in London, then went downstairs to catch the ‘Tube’. I’ve been on it before, but getting used to reading the train maps again was a tad confusing at first.

Buying a one way ticket was easy and inexpensive… £4. After getting off at a small stop midway, I changed to a different rail line and went to the stop I was directed to (via text message/email). Once there, I hopped on the bus and went to the bus stop in my directions.

Unfortunately, my phone died on the bus… I was using the sat nav as well as email which eats up at the battery. Great thing was, on the junction of the road my friends live, there was a pub called the George and Dragon. I popped in, partially to get out of the cold, partially to ask directions and the bar girl was kind enough to plug my phone in for me.

Power restored, I received a call from my friends asking if I was lost…  passed the phone to the gentleman I was talking to, and he (being a former cab driver) listened to the directions, and told me where to go.

Found my friends’ place with no difficulty after that.

It was the first time we met, despite me being in contact for nearly 4 years, so we stayed up late talking…

The 2 S’s (both their names start with S) are both young, intelligent hotties. I know they won’t mind that description. (^_~)

But they are very serious when it comes to their education, so books before boys is their motto, something I supported these many years. They are both articulate, very good English (delivered with a posh London accent too), and friendly. I’d post a photo but I need to get their permission first… (^_~)

Next morning I left early, to head for the Privy Council in Westminster.