31 Oct 2009

Failure to communicate

There is such a big drive over here in the UK for people to gain communication skills - you wouldn't believe it.

The whole thing sickens me for one seeming and simple failure. I'll explain. You send a message to somebody; how dee ass are you to know if the message was received? Common sense will dictate that you need some kind of signal or feedback to say 'Aye boy, ah get yuh message'.

Two scenarios arise from the above:
A. Somebody sends me a text, email, or voicemail and dey assume I have received it - den dey go go "I informed you on such and such date when I emailed you". BOLL..OCKS!! How dee ass I could be informed if I never received the message (for whatever bloody reason)? Doh arks me. Doh even go dey - I eh want to hear about spambox and spam filter.. bloody elementary because I does check all dat regularly.

B. I send somebody a message by email - in response to their request for feedback. I ask them clearly to acknowledge receipt. Days pass.. weeks pass.. no response. No receipt confirmation. So den I have to call up dee so and so, and say "Ahm ah sen' yuh ah email.. on such and such.. yuh get it or what?" Den dey go go, "Oh yeah.. we received it but dee boss t'inkin' about it, so hol' on". But here nah, I hol'in' orn fuh weeks - steam ejectin' from my ears. So in this situation dey clearly received dee dam email but wouldn't take just one second or automate a receipt confirmation.

I come from a different age and a different planet - surely. In my world you acknowledge people's messages while working on more considered responses. In my world that's just plain courteous and builds for good business relationships.

I probably expect too much of this world and its inhabitants.