1 Oct 2009

Going for Gold

Yesterday, I passed in front of the Museum in Birmingham, on my way to the bank.

Satellite There was a long line, about 4 persons wide, running around the block. There has never been, in my memory since living in Birmingham, this sort of interest in the museum.

Of course, I wondered why there was such a crowd. This morning, while booking an appointment to get rid of some bulky waste (my old washer/dryer) with the City Council, I realised what’s going on.

Some 3 months ago, in July 2009, the biggest find of historical Anglo-Saxon gold was found in a field in Staffordshire.

The find is now on display at Birmingham’s museum. the long lines are people waiting to get in to see it.

By the way, the finder will share a reward with the owner of the farm it  was found in… said reward may be as high or higher than £1 M.