12 Oct 2009

Letter to Patrick

It is no wonder that you thumb your nose at the citizens of this country.

Like your predecessors Dr Eric Williams and George Chambers you are just following suit or maybe it is party policy.

"The Doc" placed many of the contracts in the seventies in the trusted hands of Prof Ken Julien. Similarly today the major contracts are just handed to Calder Hart.

Can anyone question the tendering process? No. Not a chance because it is being bypassed through systems put in place since the seventies whereby the huge profits made from our natural resources go through one entity completely controlled by one man which is you, the Prime Minister.

Where has all the money gone? We as citizens have a fair idea but are powerless to challenge or inquire or take legal action because the Constitution is made to favour the rulers.

Is it fair? In today's context it is because you control the "House" and the purse.

It is very amusing to watch Bas cry about the inequalities and claim that corruption is taking place when during his time as prime minister similar claims were made.

What is to prevent another administration from doing the exact thing you are doing? Nothing, unless we change the Constitution to ensure transparency and accountability.

The voting public has to look deep inside themselves also because as a fallout from all the "freeness" from the seventies till now we have a new generation that wants more than a free apartment, dollars every month, some fried chicken etc to vote.

We want a country that we can feel proud to call home where "every creed and race" can live in peace and prosperity. Where any citizen could walk into any Government institution and get world class service, a smile, no frustrations, no hard looks, no steups, no "come back tomorrow", no "check dem file dey", no illiterate and ignorant police men and women but caring officers proud to wear the "badge", officers who will be a part of the community not thieves, murderers, kidnappers themselves.

We want laws that are fair and equal for every citizen, from the beggar to the Prime Minister.

Is that 20/20? Maybe. At the rate you are going it may be 21/50.

Why is every Government project "over run"? Why is there a suspicion on everything that you do?

Can you deliver? Sure you can. You can do this tomorrow but you will not.

If you want to challenge me to a debate it is fine. I will debate you and your entire cabinet. Make sure you bring all your notes. I will. Any chance that happening? Zero.

Wazir Mohammed

via e-mail