20 Oct 2009

Mayhem and cold blooded murder

Two unarmed dunceys scampered for dey life as gunmen opened fire on a murder accused who was in custody – right outside Rio Claro Magistrates court. Well w’at dee ass nex’?

Ah mean dis place is now dee wild west. Click on picture to left to read the story.

Actually the Guardian 2009-10-20 has a better write up.

As you can imagine Philbert is quite concerned.

Well this is a cold blooded murder – an unlawful killing – of a man who is still innocent before the law.

No one deserves to be killed like this.

Some out dey will have had a good laugh when I said in previous blogs dat people ducking and diving from bullet and stay penises – and when I say ‘build dat raft’.

The serious joke is dat when allyuh t’ink it cyah get worse, it actually gets worse!!

Today’s newspaper is tomorrow’s shit paper – and daize dee way donkeys on dee rock does live. Well mark my word –a bullet waitin’ fuh you!! Yes you who readin’ dis. T’ink about it. You eh know when or whey it coming from.

When yuh time come, eet come? Good for you. If your ‘time’ is when a gunman come fuh yuh..well enjoy dee las’ sound yuh hear! Wha’ else ah go say.

Right – all religious fanatics kindly hold a day of national prayer tomorrow morning dong on dee rock. Allyuh need tuh pray 2000 or 2 billlion times harder, because like Gord eh hearin’ allyuh at all… at all.. at all.