15 Oct 2009

Shovelling shit

Natasha Cumberbatch

Certain things does get meh vex. Vex enough to fart fire.

Check out this story. De ‘oman make a complaint, in a legitimate fashion, that de Prime Minister and another man made annoying comments to her. I ent know what those comments are, but from de photo, I willing to make a guess. Pacemaker aside, de PM mouth runneth well.

Anyway, she make a valid and legitimate complaint, as is her right in law, and the authorities set out to frustrate her. I mean man, let the process look lil natural at least nah.

Within less then [sic] two minutes, the matter was dismissed by Mc Nicolls after Cumberbatch failed to appear in court when her name was called. The matter against Vasqueo was also thrown out, as Cumberbatch entered the courtroom.

Cumberbatch was seated in the First Court waiting for the matter to be called, oblivious to the fact that the matter was also listed before Mc Nicolls. After she was told that the matter against Manning was dismissed by Mc Nicolls, Cumberbatch ran towards the Eighth Court, only to be informed that both matters were thrown out because of her absence.

Says it all, doesn't it? Seems this was a set up designed to have the case thrown out, based upon the non-appearance of the complainant. Seems also, she was not informed of the change of venue to facilitate the plan.

Is like dey give Shermie a shovel to scoop de shit out before it stink too high.