8 Oct 2009

Subject agreement - alien to 'reporters'

A simple glance at 2 Trinidad and Tobago newspapers this morning, is enough to horrify anyone with a passable level of English comprehension.

Take for example this story:

When the Express contacted the official for comment on the accusation, the only thing they would say was, "Ask the ministry, they will tell you all you want to know."

When asked if they were being interrogated by police, the official added that "I am at my office".

When the Express contacted the official... they...?

How about this one?:

Angry parents of students attending a class at St Joseph’s College, St Joseph, is demanding answers after 32 students of a Fifth Form class were strip-searched yesterday.
It really is amazing that these sort of gaffs - that a Std 5 student will hardly make - pass these 'reporters' as well as their editors.

The really funny part of this story is that when I was growing up, there was a higher standard of language in the newspapers, so much so that our teachers actually recommended that we read the newspapers daily.