4 Oct 2009

Tail wagging the head…vote or boat?

Yup – this is what UDECOTT is doing – the tail is wagging the head!!

This is a state created company – a separate legal entity and person – that refuses to obey the ‘master’.

The already lack-lustre AG was unable to contain UDECOTT in its dog house!! Parliament having passed an act to validate the Commission of Enquiry – was then stopped right in its tracks!! Surely for Parliament to pass such exceptional legislation to retrospectively correct an error - which would have halted the CoE –means that they had intended for the CoE to continue.

But no – such is the power of this State-created runaway train, mad-dog, or whatever you call it. This legal entity/person has so much power it can nullify the will of Parliament!

And what is even more laughable is that UDECOTT is funded by your government  – let us not forget that. Wid who money? Yours pappa – yes i’s your money, flushin’ dong dee pan. [Ah was tryin’ hard to keep dee Queen’s English but a buss dey.. ah jes had to go into Trini-mode!].

So leh we get dis straight.

  1. Dee State create ah almighty company.
  2. Dat company is accused of major ‘wrongdoing’ - to put it in a nutshell.
  3. So much wrongdoing dat a multimillion dollar special enquiry is set up.
  4. The said company eh like it – and den begin to flex it’s muscles not jes against it’s creators but against dee will of Parliament!

Well, Rowley is right – Newsday 2009-10-04 – to call now for the whole Board of Udecott to be removed. In addition he said: “From what source does Udecott get its power to defy the Attorney General who had given a commitment to the Parliament of the country that the proceedings would not have been stayed? It should be clear now that Udecott is not only a runaway horse and a sacred cow but it may be a criminal empire supported by a person or persons who have the authority to give instructions to lawyers over the head of the Attorney General.”

Dismantling Udecott? Well Parliament has the power to fixate and mothball Udecott – so as to account to the people. Will Parliament do dat – for the sake of your democratic rights?

Allyuh know what dat mean if Udecott is frozen or dismantled? Yuh eh know? Ah go tell yuh  - allyuh lorse!! All allyuh tax payers money lorse. You Mr Taxi-man – who happen to be watchin’ ah internet screen – you ketchin yuh ass tuh make ends meet for how long? Look w’at dee ass dey doing with your tax dollar.

Aye boy – dem fellas eh know what dee ass dey doing! Dey spinnin’ top in mud and haemorrhaging the Nation’s life blood away. Look – be a big man – admit yuh vote dee ‘rong way dee las’ time. It takes a big man or uman to say dey get it wrong. But now do dee honorable t’ing. Resolve now which way you voting – and make no mistake you have tuh vote. Look – is Vote or Boat! [For newbies ‘boat’ refers to my advice to ‘build dat raft’]