25 Oct 2009

To each his own

Every one who does a job, has some degree of skill in that job. I think the really conscientious people have a lot of skill because they take the time and make the effort to do their job well. A lot of persons I know are very proud of their jobs and how well they do it.

The reason I brought this up is because of a small incident that happened this evening.

I was recruited to assist someone to transport a newly purchased  second-hand sofa set to its new ‘home’.

Taking it out of the old house was not hard… a little thinking/planning, and I figured how the turns had to be made to get it through the doors. Five minutes after, both sofas were in the van.

By the way, houses in England are usually small and cramped and there is little room to manoeuvre these objects.

At the destination house, the smaller sofa was brought inside in less time than it takes to type this… or so it seemed. The bigger one came inside, but then got stuck… it refused to go through from the corridor to the living room.

It was simply too long end to end to fit upright through the doorway, and too wide to go in any other way…

Three hours later, I called a friend who does DIY for a living. He came, took one look and within 5 minutes had the double glazed window out, the sofa in and the window fitted back in place.

Amazing that when a person knows his or her job, things are always so much easier.