24 Oct 2009

Tricia and Grace.. like wow!!

Well us more intellectual types would appreciate the deep issues explored by SciFi series Battlestar Galactica. This is no ordinary SciFi - for newbies. They deal with the real issues of power, sex, politics in a futuristic world. And no, this ain't like Star Trek.

Tricia Helfer and Grace Park - are two of the sexiest cylons ('fake humans' to put it simply) - in the series... makes you think. And for types looking out always for porn and debauchery, no you ain't gonna get it. Dis ain't like some SciFi Vampire crap cult thing.
Well Maxim have take the bold step to make a sexy vid of Tricia and Grace. Um... urrhh.. .. 'sex' and 'intelligence' and even the lack of it go together. Remember Bill Clinton and the Lewinsky story? Right - we can debate dat later. In the mean time take in some very nice vids of Tricia and Grace. Yes dey paradin' dey body..but dis is no cultural extravaganza - ahem... Carnival. Dey in for business and dey mean business.