5 Nov 2009

400 tonne screwjob

You know, de more Isaac Gary Hunt talk, the more dotish he shows himself to be.

First, he ent know the real cost of the flag at the National Stadium, then when persistent rumours of $TT2M started flying around, he come up with a figure of $18K.

But hold on, the rumours of $TT2M ent stop, so meh boy had to come and justify (and thereby confirm, as it were) that $TT2M was correct.

He said the engineering works which took place in the ’swampy soil conditions where the stadium is located’, included:

  • a soil analysis and geotechnical survey,
  • design of the foundation,
  • excavation to a depth of 20 feet x 20 ft x 15 feet,
  • 400 tonnes of reinforced concrete,
  • two tonnes of steel, (de Guardian have 200 tonnes)
  • reinforcements,
  • blue stone and granular backfill,
  • and contracting the use of heavy lifting equipment such as cranes to hold the flag in position for several days while the concrete set.
I just want to point out in the italics above, a certain inconsistency. I am not an engineer.. well, not that kind anyway (Help, LOL!!) but I am wondering how de arse Gary and Tattoo get 400 tonnes of concrete in dat hole. That is a scewjob on record.