25 Nov 2009

Bias, and more ass

I have written several times about the apparent bias of Magistrate Ejeny Espinet in the Panday corruption case (failure to declare a bank account to the Integrity Commission as required by the law).

Today’s newspapers have a judgement by Justice Judith Jones regarding this. Justice Jones has ruled that there is a possibility of apparent bias by Espinet (who is hearing 2 cases in which Panday is the defendant, and in which the evidence is essentially the same).

Now, the delay, and expenses of a high court hearing could have been avoided if Espinet had used her upstairs and recused herself from hearing the case in the first place. I mean, if the defence and prosecution attorneys actually agree that you may be biased, it is worth taking that opinion into consideration.

Espinet however, seems to want to build a reputation of arseness alongside Shermie.