27 Nov 2009

The Captain’s favourite.. not on the rocks.

Well dee Cyaptain is out here tonight.. jes chillin, man.

In the background is playin’ Boston’s Stare out your window, to be followed by Corporate America… and amma sippin of dis lovely amber liquid!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Boy dis t’ing nice, eh. No boy, yuh doh drink dis – yuh have tuh sip it.

Look yuh doh put coconot in dis t’ing. Yuh see – allyuh rock crawlers eh even know how tuh sip dis t’ing self. LOL.


Tuh dee right is dee front cover of dee box. I’s a real nice green, man.

Well ‘I had a good time’ jes start up! Yeah daize a Boston chtune (aka tune) boy! Laterz.. Well cheers and good wishes fuh dee weekend. I cool man.. no sign o’ bullet flyin up dis side. :) :)