4 Nov 2009

Constitutional Reform aka Anal Entry

I am not too sure what to make of the fact that the PM and the Opposition leader meeting behind closed doors to discuss political constitutional reform.

Personally, the way I see it, we have 2 decrepit, old, power mad, senile senior citizens who are negotiating the doom fate of approximately 1.5 M people BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. Men who can barely pee by themselves, by the way…

Does that scare you? It sure scares me enough I want to shit myself.

No public consultation, no transparency, no light on the subject… some deal might be struck that will be like a police baton up a citizen’s arse…

Now, I am not saying the present constitution doesn’t have problems… it has a vast amount, as we see from the abuse it suffers at the hands of the current administration.

It took us 50 years, and a wanna-be autocrat to show us how weak it is. That is, how many loopholes there are to be exploited… Still, I am not sure, given what I read in the Draft Constitution, that rewriting the entire constitution from scratch is the way to go… not when the rewrite wants to concentrate even more power into the hands of one person with even less accountability.

I am not sure that public consultation will make much of a difference either. Not many people take the time to read up or learn about the constitution, and will not know what is good, bad, or worse if it hits them like a hammer between the eyes.

It is one of the reasons that the PNM has been able to get away with all the dotishness so far. And will continue to walk all over the population.

So public consultation will really be a commess of the PNM simply telling the population what it wants to hear, or what it wants… period. Delivery of course, for the past 50 years, has never been on the agenda.

I can’t wait till the kuchoor start.