9 Nov 2009


There is something disgusting in the wind. Seriously.

Like any other person born and bred in the isles of Trinidad and Tobago, I have a fair liking for our ‘culture’. Whether it is the ‘Indian’ culture I was born into, or the ‘soca’ that we listen to over the airwaves, and at fetes, I took equal liking to what I considered to be part of my Trinibago heritage.

Until the quality started declining.

It is indeed unfortunate that over the years we have lost people of the likes of David Rudder, of Oliver Chapman, of Mavis John, and instead get saddled with the likes of Cro Cro, of Machel Montano and indeed, Jamaican ‘dancehall’ performers.

On the East Indian side of things, we have moved from people like Shakuntala Jangbahadoor, Sookdeo Jagdeo, Kailash Kowlessar, to people like Ravi & Nisha Bissembar and Raymond & Rennie Ramnarine.

Methinks we have reached a point now where we are ‘below the white line’ so to speak with what these people offer as entertainment.

What brought about this post was that I received in my email, some days ago, from a member of Karma Dil-E-Nadan (Raymond Ramnarine’s band), a track that he has on offer for 2010.

Entitled “I doh know”, it is sung to the tune of a popular Bollywood song called ‘Hum dono doh premee’.

Raymond’s song goes on to sing disgustingly about:

I doh know, doh blame me,

blame yuh own nani,

I was sleeping next to you baby

and she interfere with me.

Of course, some people, those without sense, would find this catchy and follow along. But like Machel, Raymond has become more disgustingly vulgar over the years.

Nani can refer to a grandmother, or great-grandmother, and for Raymond to sing (and disrespect) an older (especially female) person, whom he himself might have in his family, is boorish, cheap, coarse, contemptible, crude, filthy,   improper, indecent, indecorous,  nasty,  obscene, odious,  repulsive,  smutty, sordid, suggestive, tasteless, tawdry, uncouth, unmannerly… you get the picture I am sure.