29 Nov 2009

Egos, Christians and tiefs aka Goblets of Fire

Golden goblet

Okay. I admit it. My eyesight is not so good. I wear glasses, so I sort of disbelieved my eyes when I saw this Arthurian goblet in the hands of the Prime Minister… or Pa-trick, I don’t know which identity he is using during the CHOGM (Show Gum) meetings.

Then again, giving his Christian leanings (thank God is not ah Christian with a big C), it could be a papal goblet, right?

Anyway, I knew it couldn’t be brass or copper. Really, a man who has $3M drapes, a $275M house, and a further $10M entertainment centre being built would not drink from a mere brass cup. Nor would he, like the Christ he purportedly follows, drink from a humble cup. No, he must have the Holiest of Grails.

So, I closed my mouth and waited and voila, here it is:

Golden goblets at Royal dinner

Okay, I admit, I felt a bit put out. I mean, this is exactly in keeping with the Christian’s Ego (sorry, Pa-trick, I had to give you a big C). Nothing so grand for us mere mortals, little c’s or not.

So I felt a bit relieved, for a while, when I realised that the goblets were provided by Her Majesty.

Dozens of the golden goblets, small but impressive, were provided by the United Kingdom's delegation for use at a high powered dinner meeting on Friday night… The golden goblets are a symbol of the Commonwealth's greatness and are displayed on ceremonial occasions.

While I am grateful that our PM (or Pa-trick) did not spend vast sums upon another grandiose gesture to impress, I cannot help but think of the price paid in blood and torture paid by the many lands of the Commonwealth, to the raiding, tiefing British, for them to afford such luxuries now.

And here we have our asinine Commonwealth leaders, sucking up to the ‘Great Leaders’ and not thinking a damn about past generations who have been robbed of their resources and birthrights, from the very lands they lead today.

Something for you to think about while you go about your day.