10 Nov 2009

Getting ol’

I getting old. Really. In one week, ah find 3 grey hairs in meh beard. Wot next? More? I mus’ be have a few in meh head somewhere, and I ent have time to check elsewhere… de places ah doh shave nah, fuh all who wondering…

A few weeks ago, I commenting I feeling old and meh darling daughter Punks like she ent like she fadder too much because she ups and says to me, “Dad, you were old last year, this year you are going over the hill!”

The reason I bring dis up is because this morning ah feeling lil out of things, a kinda disorientation set in when I read some posts from fellow bloggers. Is like I lorse, and real bad at that.

I mean, Bandi apologising fuh something I ent never hear about (the double negative is deliberate – by the way Bandi, in Trinidad, there is no Z in ‘apologise’; yuh IT guy needs a swift kick in the right place). Next, ‘Scene steupsing all over de place (is there a singular for steups?) and LOL jumping on de bandwagon (sorry Bandi).

All ah dis making meh feel ol’ ol’.

Ah mean man, dem is t’ing me ent hear about before. Granted, I ent living on de Rock, but still, meh sources lapsing.

Anyway, is time I get back to meh real important chores… ah searching high and low fuh meh Hong Wing stash… it raining today, and at 4°C, that calls for the Hong Wing…