23 Nov 2009

Hell is in Trinbago


I must confess I am not an avid churchgoer. A recent experience has convinced me hell exists right here in Trinidad at the passport office. Upon entry one is treated like an animal.

Forced to line up in hot sun, shouted at and belittled in a most inhumane manner. It is possible that female officers could have a bad day, but not the males also. Every possible imaginable flaw is found, from photocopying to needing testimonials from deceased individuals.

Of course conveniently located nearby is a place that can rectify these problems at a price. Rhetorical questions are asked “Why did you remarry after your spouse’s death?’’

I can understand being thorough and detailed but this humiliation is overbearing. When you are treated like this in your own country by your own natives no wonder the various embassies follow suit.

Is the impending retrenchment a factor in the behavioural traits exhibited by these officers? I wonder?

I have seen the light. Salvation comes in strange forms.

I will be in church on Sunday and Tuesday.


Princes Town