1 Nov 2009

Inertia or Apathy?

Inertia – the tendency of a body to remain in a state of rest, or constant motion, unless acted upon by an external force.

Apathy – A state of indifference, lacking emotion or enthusiasm.

I chose to define those words initially, to give a clearer idea of my morning post. While I believe the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago are quite apathetic in their concern for political and economic change, I am not writing about them this morning. I am writing about myself.

I am not apathetic. Definitely not. But I am guilty of being inert.

I hate to disturb the status quo. Most times, I like things the way they are, in my life. Change comes unwillingly to me. There is a certain comfort in routines, in habits.

I am not sure how many persons reading this blog, have read the book Who moved my cheese? by Dr Spencer Johnson. If you have not, I highly recommend it. It is a eye opening insight into what we miss out on, when we refuse to change.

All is not lost with me, I hope. As Cap’n Walker can attest to, I can be moved upon by an external force, once in a while, to change. (^_^)

I decline to give more details at this time, but…  today I would like readers to reflect upon the word POTENTIAL, and what it means to you.