18 Nov 2009

Informers does dead eh

Well - dis will seem like yet another gripe about situations dong on dongkey rock. I eh cyare. I go talk about it.

Right - Richard Reyes, ah 12 year old form one student of St. James Secondary School was told by an angry classmate "informers does dead eh". Reyes followed a teacher’s instruction to identify persons who were playing with the ringtone of a cellphone.

Next t'ing, Reyes was giving the information - when another youngster ran out of the class room, armed himself with a brick and apparently beat Reyes about the head with it. Ah lie? Read it here: Newsday 2009-11-18.

Why dis botherin' me? Yuh mean eet eh botherin you? Come nah man. Dis situation means dat dee blasted youth in the country in dire straits. You can easily spot criminal elements among dem. Small criminal grow into big criminals - eh?

Yuh t'ink Philbert and dem ass-washers go sort out dee timebomb of young criminals who will explode in 10 - 15 years time? Doh make fun wid a serious matter. What - allyuh tink Yogi Bear go sort out dee country?

Watch w'at dee ass going on in Eldorado East-West violence.

Well yuh probably know w'at a goin' say. Ah go say it anyway. Wait for it.. .. here it comes.. .. BUILD DAT RAFT!!