21 Nov 2009

Introducing a duncey

I just had a good laugh… in fact, I am still laughing, so much a lil dribble ah pee threatening to escape. I just had this as a comment on my post on “Right and rightness”. I am not posting it as a comment there, I think it deserves Front Page, Column 1.


I cant take any more. I need to vent my feelings about you and your little blog. Frankly I've had enough.

You Mr Jumbie are a racist in my view. You take everything and contribute nothing. You are one of this fine countries takers.

You only comment bad thing about this country, bad enough that you piss all over your own you now doing it about the country you've chosen to call home.

Trinni to the bone are you - well do us all a favor and go back will you.

Im betting nobody would give you a job so I expect your taking everything you can lay your hands on benefits wise - am I wrong?

If you have found some poor sod who's willing to pay you I bet you never turn up or wine about it. I bet you take more time off sick then you've worked - and I bet taking advantage of the health service. It' free because generations of people have paid for it - you havent,

I'm sounding a racist here, but trust me I'm not. I just hate the takers of this world. And you Mr Jumbie are one of those.

This post isnt about anything really except that maybe it might make you take a look at yourself.

You hide behind your intelligence like coward. You might even thing you are intelligent but trust me your nothing.

Now do us all a favor and take a look at your sad self. Do you have a woman? I'd guess not. Do you have a job where you actually draw a wage? I'd guess not. Do you take every thing you can get, and find out every way you can get more? Do you put people down and feel superior? I'd think yes.

get a grip. I bet you feel lonely and depressed some days. let me tell you, you wouldn't if you went home. Actually anywhere from this country we both call home. But I bet you dont do you. home for you is still good old trinni. so this is some place you just rape and pillage,


Well, I know I have detractors… well, not fans… but I must say, this one really came out all guns blazing.

But I know, first of all readers may think I going to come down hard on this person. Fact is, I thought about it, but then again, it’s not worth it… except to say that someone who feels so strongly about castigating me should – I mean really, really should – try to spell better. Well, and use better grammar too.

The funnier aspect of this comment, was that the post in question was not dissing England (re-read the comment again, you will see what I mean) but was commenting on the erosion of rights in Trinidad. So while I am being insulted for having some intelligence, I guess I should feel bad this poor blighter doesn’t have any. Obviously, he is really incapable of reading and understanding, but… I don’t blame him. I have to blame the education system which did not teach him to read and write properly.

Unless of course, he is a duncey incapable of learning.