19 Nov 2009

A minister and his arrogance

Response to Imbert-cile:

Your arrogance, Mr Imbert-cile, is astonishing.

Not only are you using irrelevant semantics to 'prop' up your argument - nonsensical as it is - you are now trying to establish yourself as an expert in English grammar and etymology.

'A cobbler should stick to his last', or in your case, just stick to being a vessel of hot air in Parliament.

Further, the inclusion of hotel accommodation in an academy of this nature is standard practice in other countries. If you must compare...

So are:

  1. Traffic cameras
  2. Speed bumps
  3. zebra crossings, etc
  4. corruption free licensing offices
  5. breathalysers
  6. radar guns

(and not 2 white sticks held by dunceys jumping out from behind bushes...)

Guess what? The list is not exhausted but I see all of these fall under your ministry... go figure.

And here you are, defending not your ministry, but:

Finally, all of this fuss about a 50 or 60-room hotel in the academy is in my view an extremely trivial storm in a teacup... something clearly out of your purview. Or are you taking over Parsanlal's job too?

All the fuss as you so clearly see it to be, is about a lack of accountability in spending millions from the public purse,, without a care in the world. The 'fact' that you cannot see this means 1 of 2 things:

  1. You, your 'boss' and your party are beyond arrogance in dealing with the people who voted for you, and whom you now alienate at your party's peril.
  2. Your have your nose so far up your boss' behind, you fail to see... period!