8 Nov 2009

No more pot-hong.

The older I get the more disappointed I am that it's taking so long for me to be beamed up. Tonight is a fine example. I send a message to a colleague of mine on Facebook. This is the anonymised sequence:

"Hi Mxxxx
Get skype.. it's easier than this emailing thing. I see there are several people by your name on skype so not sure which one is you. On Skype I'm Xxxxxxx
" [i.e. my Skype ID].

The response:

I usually get on the evenings.

Keep well "

You see this is why I should not be on this planet - I doh understand what dee rass the response is about. 'Usually get on the evenings'? What the bloody hell does that mean? But even if there is some kind of typo, or omission, for Pete's sake, look at what the hell you are writing and think just a little bit about what I might understand by that sentence. Get on? Get on? Get on what? The evenings - dat eh makin sense. The soapbox? The bed? A toilet seat? On top of his wife? Get on dee internet in dee evenings? Riiiiiiiggghtt.. so I'm supposed to fill in the blanks? Bull!! Utter bull!

Why should this bother me? Ahhh now you're thinking. This person was a junior who once worked under my supervision. I treated the man like my equal. Gave lots of support and time. On one occasion he took leave without my knowledge, by only seeking the approval of another senior colleague. Leave for what? To attend car-racing at Donnington. That raised my suspicions about a 'thread' of pre-occupatoin with 'self'. I had a polite word about it and he went 'Oh, okay, you've got a point..sorry about that.. it won't happen again'. The senior colleague said more or less the same thing. Scumbag!

Well the person in question In the Facebook convo) was a hard working chap so I was willing to overlook these kinds of mess-ups. Of course when he eventually went back to his country of origin we were on friendly terms and said we would keep in contact with each other. Two or three emails were never answered. Finally I caught up with him on Facebook after about 4 years. So - optimisitic me thought right maybe he'd rekindle a kind of infrequent keeping in contact. Nothing of the kind. The Facebook contact was very infrequent. And now tonight this kind of response above. Yeah, I know people are busy! But hey I too have only 24 hours, like everybody else.

Well here's the decision coming. I'm gonna sack this person from my Facebook collection of so-called 'friends'. "Ooohh.. Cyaptain .. yuh too harsh... dee man keyboard mus' be eh workin' good." - ah could hear somebody sayin' it now. Dis Cyaptain will sail the seven seas alone eef he have to. I sack more friends than I make.

Nah.. as I get older I'm making some tough decisions. Those who demonstrate serious deficiencies in reciprocity and interdependence - or attempt to simulate such - will be sacked. Simulate? You can usually tell a person who simulates. I's like a pot-hong (aka pot hound) hengin' rong you, like rong dee Savannah in POS long time - when yuh eatin' yuh babaque chicken from Moonlight. What dee ass - yuh t'ink - dat pot hong like you? Some ah dem pot-hong used to appear friendly - no joke - jes to get what dey want to get. Den when dey get dey piece o' chicken or bone, and dey gorn! Well yuh see me - all pot-hong of dee so-called human kind, goin' tuh be taught a lesson, umpteen years later. Nah.. ah tracking pot-hong behaviour now .. and at some point ah goin' bawl out MAAASHHH!! MAAASHHH!! and pelt some stone in dey ass.

Over-reactin'.. nah.. nahh.. I've been t'inkin' a lot about dis kind o' syndrome over the last two years. So dee situation above is jes a 'last straw' kinda t'ing. No mo' pot-hong! No more games. Daize it!