29 Nov 2009

Why I want to be a cockroach

With all this thing about climate change, and the world heating up, and allawe going to dead soon… I want to be a cockroach in my next avatar. Reincarnation if you will.

The cockroach is the most efficient living creature alive as far as I can tell. The prediction that even if there is a nuclear explosion, that cockroaches would be among any survivors is a big plus in my book too.

Now, here is something I can bet a lot of people don’t know. A cockroach can survive up to 40 minutes…. without air!

They can live up to 2 weeks after being beheaded.

And they can eat anything!!! They wuss dan goats, or a drunk Trini.

Now, allyuh think I aiming low. But I feel I aiming high… I could come back as ah PNM yuh know.

I would have to hu’t meh head about taxes, property tax included, or water, or health care, or phone always dong, or bad roads… well, the list long, ah go cut it here. Yeah, me eh have to hu’t meh head, if I have one… remember – up to 2 weeks widout one eh.

So… I want to come back as a cockroach… and hope me eh meet no fowl, or Captain Walker. He might step on meh.