11 Dec 2009

At Christmas

Christmas is around the corner. In Birmingham, it means later shopping hours, hordes of people on the street, festive lights, and of course, the annual German Market.

It's usually a time I have to break out the gloves and scarves too. The City Centre is usually colder than where I live, and walking around there for any length of time means cold ears, fingers and neck. I learnt early on not to wear jeans with brass studs, especially in the crotch area!

Still, one does get a sense of wonder at this time. It's the same that's perpetuated by Christmas themed movies churned out by the American machine. Okay, we're missing the snow, but everything else is in place, even the hot chocolate and mulled wine. Speaking of mulled wine, it's an experience recommended.

Old Year's Night (the British say New Year's Eve) means fireworks, especially on top of the Bullring Mall. I know, de Captain go point out to me that is part of English culture, which I previously stated did not exist. (^_^)

In Trinidad, I could drop in unannounced at the home of any one of my friends and expect to be treated like family - food, drinks etc running full tilt. I've never tried that here, I might be arrested for trespass. Or at least thought of as being barking mad. Another part of the slowly emerging culture. (^_^)

The exchange of presents here is more dominant and obvious than in Trinidad though. I guess the £1 store does a lot of business at this time - yes, people do actually give presents at that price (though, let me say here, not me).

I prefer the Trini Christmas, but slowly, I am getting used to the Brit way also.