21 Dec 2009

Cure for halitosis and halitophobia.

Yup – we all know the feeling and the smell – standing in proximity to some body bad breath (aka halitosis). Man, is like yuh cyah breathe self, or yuh ‘fraid tuh breathe – because eef yuh only breathe in yuh might have tuh flick yuh neck backwards giving away that you avoiding the person who breath smelling like a fecking cesspit!! Dis kinda t’ing is ‘halitophobia’!!

Or yuh talkin’ to somebody and fly only tryin’ to jump een dey mouth…and dey so dohtish dey only cussing dee fly and dem. Yuh see dee po’ fly and dem as well t’inkin’ is a blasted cesspit fullah rottin’ excrement dey going after. Flies an dem of course doh be bothered by halitophobia.

Well eef you happen to know deese types above, show dem dis video below!! Ah dare yuh! LOL.


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