28 Dec 2009

Do it or suffer

Yuh know how many people does bawl, “Oh gord, meh computer break dong.. and ah cyah find email.. all meh photos lorse…” etc etc.

A ‘computer’ is not jes a play t’ing deese days. It actually records your life-experiences and your work. If you was doing an important piece of work 30 years ago, you had to make sure you kept copies. I remember when we used to use carbon paper.

But hol’ on, I can only imagine that you put significant value on your precious electronic photographs and core correspondence – well daize eef you like me, and not everybody is.. by any stretch of imagination.

Right – well check out dee diagram below which shows pros and cons for various strategies. I couldn’ put een all pros and cons. Cost is an important factor. But cost-to-worry and average year on year costs need to be compared. I have a bias to Carbonite because I’ve gotten my costs down to USD$ 1.80/month for unlimited backup.. and I reckon I’d spend more than that on hard-drives and other ‘hard’ media over a 3 year period – not to mention that ‘hard-media’ are all thievable/loseable. [Click the full screen button and zoom in or download to view].