30 Dec 2009

Here comes Frances

It’s official. Trinidad and Tobago solve rate for murders is a whopping 3.65%.
That is direct from the horse’s arse mouth.
When asked about the other 527 murders of 2008, he said: 'You have to understand, I want to tell you that part of these are being investigated.'
‘Part of these’ are being investigated? Why only ‘part’? What happened to the other ‘part’?

Post Script:

Allyuh realise de man boasting about ah 3.65% murder solve rate?

Some time ago (in Sept 2007), dey was beating dey chest and braying like King Kong bout how it was 20%... I predicted that they lied and it was closer to 8%, what with all the people who get beat into a confession or with witnesses to domestic strife that end in murder. Lo and behold, couple months later it was revealed to be 8%.

Now the boast is 3.65%? I mean, what this government have between its collective ears? Horse manure? I think any other place in the world, a stat like that would have heads rolling... oh, I forget, they done rolling... from the victims of violent murders!!

But look at previous stats, from the Express:

Of the 155 murders recorded by the Homicide Bureau only 13 have been detected-8.3 per cent-compared with 29 of the 91 murders last year being detected.

Comparatively for the same period in 2005 the detection rate was 28 per cent, 21 per cent in 2006 and 31 per in 2007. Express; May 6, 2008

So while the murder total may have a small dip, the rate of detection has grown a lot worse!!