31 Dec 2009

The horrible truth revealed

I read this article this morning and tried to ignore it, but my conscience won’t let me.

Where have they gone?

Yesterday, while the CoP was bleating in public about the 3.65% murder solve rate (for last year), he neglected to mention that for the ‘known’ 508 victims of this year, there is a further 904 still missing!!!

Given that missing persons usually turn up dead, especially if not found quickly, we have a further potential of 904 victims.

That is potentially 1412 victims for 2009… !!

This far, far surpasses the 580 predicted for 2009 and the 650 predicted for 2010 at the Freedom Chambers:

Murder predictions

Things are really more horrifying down on the Rock than any of us would have believed!! You heard it here first.