1 Dec 2009

Just keeping in touch

‘Holy Crap’, as Achmed would say.

I woke up this morning and the temperature is -3°C. I know, I know. The Canadians, and Nordic people reading this blog would say I haven’t seen cold yet. Be that as it may, I think this portends the oncoming winter to be the coldest since I arrived in the UK. Even the grass outside is frosted over.

I did mentioned in an earlier post I would relate my Imax experience. It was not the first time I have been to the Imax cinema, but it was the first time I saw a 3D movie there.

Of course, as you have guessed, the graphics were superb. The skin on the characters in the movie was so realistic, you could the pores, tiny hairs and even the differently coloured veins running under the skin. I think a lot of the details won’t even show up on your TV screen if you watch the movie on DVD.

Watching it on 3D was even better, since there were places you could feel as if you were part of the movie.

I did see the movie Law Abiding Citizen which was excellent, in my opinion. The end was inevitable, but the circumstances of the movie had me wondering what would happen if we all felt the same sense of injustice as Clyde Shelton.

I can’t believe it’s already the 1st of December 2009. It seems like just a few days ago we were in 2008. Time flies, another year older and what do you get?

In the meantime, I am having some fun with this new Wave thing from Google…