29 Dec 2009

Message in a bottle

The message is clear. We’re screwed.

We all know this, yet we continue to have hope. False hope as it turns out.

Murders rise above 500, social care is perhaps less than 10% effective, health care even less. Public utilities have a 20% efficiency rate, if so much. Imagine, electricity (in 2009) ‘cutting’ daily, or several times a day, usually damaging appliances or equipment when it returns. People go months without a phone (a friend went 3 years without a landline because someone ‘stole’ the copper cables that led into his area).

Environmental issues, from illegal quarrying to illegal smelter building (there is a court order out, you know) are actually sanctioned by Governmental ministers and departments. The law is never applied.

Foreign immigrants get work above the locals, a reported 40 below the poverty line, yet we have 100% employment rate. Crash dummies dropping like flies every year; it takes 20 years to bring in breathalysers – only to find out the dunceys can’t learn how to use them.

Politicians seek self over country (isn’t that treason - of sorts?), cronyism and nepotism rising daily…

I see the fictitious ‘Father of the Nation’ (that’s like a Santa Claus, but specifically for Trinidad and Tobago) has said that 2010 is the year he is going to fix all the problems I cited above. No more tall buildings erected to his failing manhood… money run out (or running out) anyway, right?

That the problems will be fixed is something I have no hope in… unless an election preparation is around the corner, then we will see a re-plastering over old wounds. Is like how they pave over old roads every election, and the bright black tarmac fool the people when underneath, the foundation rots into hell.

Yes, the message is clear. We are there to serve the whims of the elected, not the other way around. The message is tightly capped in a bottle and tossed out to sea.

If you want change for 2010, try starting with the Man in the Mirror, and live accordingly.