23 Dec 2009

Messages all dressed up

It seems to me that the PNM administration is not only ignorant of the needs of the people, but also that the majority it holds in Parliament is a major factor in its increasing egocentricity and callousness towards the people who struggle daily to survive.

The signs of the egocentricity has been there for a long time. Two recent examples that come to mind is the “So what?” statement by Conrad Enill, and the recent declaration  when speaking on the Property Tax Bill in the House of Representatives on Monday by Peter Taylor, that 'persons have been living off the fat of the land and they have become comfortable''.

Of course, eccentricity appears to have been mixed with Pa-trick’s egocentricity when he declares that the PM is separate from himself.

The thought came to mind that this Property Tax may do for the PNM what the 10% reduction in public servant’s salaries did for the NAR.

The point of no return has been crossed. The threshold stepped over. People are no longer willing to give the PNM full sway any more.

Is this the beginning of the end? Quite possibly. People are protesting more, not as willing to roll over and play dead.

There are still other factors to be taken into account. The millstone that is Panday will never allow the UNC to win another election. Kamla’s entry to the race for stewardship of the UNC is a new stone in the wall, but whether she will succeed remains to be seen.

The other major party, the COP, is one with a leader seen to be an unviable candidate, if only because of his stilted presentation. Never mind the fact that as an economist and experienced in finance he may quite rightly be the best person to bring the country back on a level or even prosperous keel. People in their ignorance, I’ve noticed, listen not to the message, but pay attention to how it is dressed up.

So put Panday to shout and rant, Pa-trick to address everyone as friends and family, and you have ‘charismatic leaders’ if only because they are presumed to speak ‘better’.

On the other hand, I noticed that the 2 most charismatic leaders, whose quiet voices were heard all around the world, did not shout and rant and rage. They still got their messages across and how! Their names were Mandela and Gandhi.