15 Dec 2009

Privy Council rescues us once more

I wrote before about attending a hearing at the Privy Council. The results of that case has been published today in the Guardian.

Now, there is an inside story to this case. It is not as it appears to be apparently.

From the talk I picked up around the Privy Council that day, it seems that unscrupulous senior dunceys (is there any other kind?) were using this particular regulation for their own selfish and nefarious purposes.

Regulation 52:
The Commission may terminate the appointment of a female police officer who is married, on the grounds that her family obligations are affecting the efficient performance of her duties, and the procedure for the termination of such appointment shall be in accordance with Regulation 51 (2) (3) and (4).

What selfish and nefarious purpose you ask?

It seems that this is the regulation that allows the senior dunceys to blackmail junior female officers into having sex with them… or lose their jobs. And yes, a married woman could be blackmailed just as easily, and maybe even easier.

Apparently (from what I heard on the day of the case) this is such a widespread thing within the duncey service that female officers have been tired of complaining and thus forced to challenge the regulation that has them helpless on their backs… in more ways than one.

Astonishingly, this point was not brought up at the Privy Council hearing but then again, my opinion is that the hearing was a comedy of errors. Still, the point was made.

The regulation is archaic and discriminatory. Go it must!