20 Dec 2009

Psychotic media and nation

Sometimes I feel i’s jes me does see deese t’ings – buh I eh cyare – I speak my mind. Look at dat front page of Newsday 2009-12-21.

3 Murders in South/Central” and a massive health sector bacchanal wid professionals allegedly tiefin out dee money - cause for serious concern you might t’ink. But hey, who is me – dat matches ‘perfectly’ images of a Kamla Persad-Bissesar skinnin’ she grin, and playin’ Santa Claus.

Psychotic? Yeah – like when you see a mad man grinin’ inanely about somet’ing rather serious. Like schizo nah, whey yuh so blasted confuse’ yuh eh know what is what. I assert dat the media reflects the attitudes and mentality of a people.

fullfront1028front[1] Riiiiggghttttttt!! Okaaaaayyyyy.. I admit - I lef’ dee Rock too long now. I really need to adopt a diffrent attittude. I need to get out meh poncha creme, blast meh parang music an’ free up in preparation fuh dee Carnaval, man. Whuh dee ass I suppose to cyare bout eef dee country rotting at dee core. Leh meh go and ‘fire one!’ – dat should be meh mentality, eh boy?