5 Dec 2009

The record speaks

I have written a couple of times before on dunceys who fail to show up in court for cases. I thought it remarkable that one duncey stayed away 32 times. I actually thought that would be a record that would be hard to beat.

When it comes to dunceys however, I am being taught that NOTHING is impossible!

The case was called on 163 occasions before the magistrate, but PC Melvin George who laid the charge failed to show on several occasions.

This case refers to 3 men charged with having 11 rounds of ammunition.

Some readers may think I am picking on dunceys when I say I wonder how much PC George was paid to stay away from court. However, it is a fact of life in Trinidad and the duncey service, that to get your case dismissed, you pay the officer a ‘lil change’ to stay away from court.

Unlike other people, I am ready to believe the worst of the dunceys, rather than give them (too much) benefit of doubt. Their record speaks for itself you see.