16 Dec 2009

Same old, same old

A couple of things to comment on today.

First, the Ministry of Health denies that it is covering up deaths resulting from swine flu. This is manifestly untrue. Well, let’s call a spade a spade and be honest here: the Ministry of Health is lying, plain and simple.

It has already been reported by doctors in the newspapers (some may have forgotten, I have not) that they have been ordered not to put swine flu on death certificates. I also have been informed from a reliable authority within the Ministry that this is true.

Point to note: before the swine flu hit Trinidad, Jerry Narace was on record boasting how well prepared the Ministry was. Alongside him was the Chief Medical Officer.

Secondly, Marlene McDonald has not been referred to the Privileges Committee of Parliament. I am not surprised, are you? The outcome never changes, mind you, but I am always curious to see how they come up with excuses to protect PNM MPs. (^_^)

Another day where the various illicit and dotish continues without abatement.