31 Dec 2009


Loadsah people goin’ get scammed this Xmas and New Years. And all I can say is “It good fuh dem!”.

Take dis one: http://www.tvdvdmania.com/ – promises you a fun time with DVD’s. Great prices – eh?

See here for reviews on this site: http://www.siteadvisor.com/sites/tvdvdmania.com/summary/

I recently ordered from tvdvdmania.com. I've since found out they have been ripping off customers for some time. Apparently the dvd's are either pirated or taped from television and are of extremely inferior quality. After being unable to resolve the issue through them, I researched them on yahoo and found numerous complaints. They have no physical address and do not responsd to e-mails. I am contacting my credit card company to tackle the issue.” – says one of the reviewers.

Do not buy from them. They took my money and will not send my DVDs. They will not return my emails. I am now filling a formal complant with Mastercard.” – another reviewer..

And so it goes – no, read a few more scroll dong dee page man: http://www.siteadvisor.com/sites/tvdvdmania.com/summary/ – not a single good review there.

Some still eh believe – so ah go have to rub it een – click

  1. http://www.ripoffreport.com/Search/Company/TVDVDMania-com.aspx
  2. A blogger who got stung last Xmas - http://msjudgement.blogspot.com/2008/12/review-tvdvdmaniacom.html

And eef yuh still doh get the message, go right ahead man. Buy up all you can buy, man!! Go for it – in grand style!! And look there are hundreds of scamming sites doing all kindah dodgy business out dey.

Some jackass about to arks meh whey ah get all dem links from and eef ah have time to was’e. Firstly, I does use a t’ing called Google to check out anyt’ing ah want to know bout. Secondly, my time is mine to do as I please – and I decide fuh mehself eef I was’in’ my time – nobody else.

Well back to dee main issue. Loadsah people hoping to save a buck dis Xmas will be ripped off good and proper. Eef yuh dohtish.. yuh deserve to be ripped-off daize dee way I see it. No – ah not siding wid dee scammers. Ah mean dee only way to teach some people basic common sense is to let dem get stung. When dey feel dee pain in dey ass.. den dey go wake up. And amma t’inking dat will be part of my modus operandi for nex’ year! Poke allyuh fun now. I’s a’right.

A fool and his money are soon parted! Over and out.