5 Dec 2009

Shameless apology

Marlene McDonald I am a bit amazed that McDonald continues to defend her position that this ‘scholarship’ list is not for the public domain.

McDonald also proceed to offer an apology for embarrassment suffered through the publication of details related to recipients of financial support from her ministry to pursue further studies.

As for the apology above, many persons on the list must be breathing a sigh of relief it was published - it seems to be the only way they found out they 'received' money.

McDonald then told the Senate that she could not reveal the names on the list of grant recipients, since it would amount to an unreasonable disclosure of personal information as defined by the FOI.

The secrecy continues though. Looks like Devant and Anand may have to go to court once again. Who knows, when that list is revealed, then persons on it may find out they received a grant too.