21 Dec 2009

‘This little piggy went to market’

On Saturday, when I went to the market, I picked up a few essentials. Living in Birmingham, England, you’d think there is a lot of the Caribbean that is missing here, but the list of non-obtainable items is actually quite small. Birmingham has a large population of Caribbean folk.

For example, we get eddoes, yam, cassava, sugar cane, dasheen, tannia, dasheen bush on occasion, Angostura Bitters, Carib beer, Chubby, Solo, Apple J, Chief products (amchar, kuchela etc). I’ve even gotten ‘saijan’. the list is not exhausted, I just can’t recall at this moment all I’ve seen.

I always buy hot peppers and make a home made pepper sauce (blended in boiling water), with onions, garlic, lemon, ginger, a carrot, seasonings etc.

I even get ‘bandanya’ or Chadon Beni… though it is called Thai parsley here.


Hot peppers, the type we call ‘Congo’ peppers.

Chadon beni

Chadon Beni, aka ‘bandanya’, aka Thai Parsley. That’s a standard paper towel roll next to it, to give you an idea of how thick and long those leaves are.


Marks & Spencer even produce a white rum, at 37.5% alcohol content. Made in Guyana as you can see.


Here is a picture of the singing moose in the German Market. The market closes on Wednesday.