27 Jan 2010

Another lil story…. de Jumbie full ah dem

How to really teach a Panday

A country farmer's son wanted to get married, to a beautiful but independent city woman. She was very opinionated, bossy kinda oman but the fella love the gyul, and ent want to give she up. So he went to Pa and asked his advice on how to keep the gyul 'in line'.

"Well son", began Pa, "I had a mule once. Onery like hell. Never want to do a lick of wuk, never following ah lead, never doing nothing right. So one morning, ah take up de chain ah use in de harness, and ah beat dat mule till ah tired. Lunch time ah do de same. Evening time ah beat till ah coulda barely stand.

Ah repeat dat licks like medicine, 3 times ah day, 7 days a week, for ah whole month.

After dat, when she start to get dat look in she eye like she want to play up, all ah had to do was rattle de chain."