26 Jan 2010

Another one shot in the head!!

Well I doh really know why I doz bother tuh read dee news dong on Dongkey Rock, nah… perhaps is the stupidity of existence dong dey dat doz have meh curious..

Here we go Murder Toll climbs to 38 and Pilot murdered in Glencoe – both from Newsday 2010-01-26.


See dem fellas in dee forensic suits? Remember what is the solve rate fuh murders dong dey? Nah man.. doh worry did dat.. free up!! I’s Carnaval time – remember? Whey dee nex’ partaaayyy!!? Fete good – live fast and dead like is nobody business.

Oho.. ah forget allyuh jumpin arong dong dey, how Kamla about to become new leader of UNC. Allyuh so dam chupid eh, Kamla’s rule eeef it happen, go bring dong murder and violent crime rate? Doh make meh laugh ‘bout a serious matter.

Nah.. yuh know what tuh expect from me .. pure presshaaahhhh!!

Watch dis graph from Freedom Chambers (click on it for a bigger view).


Allyuh t’ink t’ings gettin’ nice now - eh? Dey noted that “The trendlines highlight that the problem is very deep and has been festering for years. Short term fluctuations in Homicide Rates should not be cause for celebrations.” See: Comment by FC Site Admin.